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Why you should never settle for less than what you want

images2 Why you should never settle for less than what you want

Happy New Year everyone!

This is the first  guest post of the year and it’s by Farouk Radwan, founder of Farouk demonstrates why you should never settle for anything less than what you want and highlights a very important ingredient in the entrepreneurial mindset.

Depression results from chemical imbalance in the brain. This fact is known to almost everybody, but ask any person what causes this imbalance and you will find that he doesn’t know the answer.

Depression happens when a person loses hope in getting something that he wanted to get badly. This means that your unmet goals can result In depression the day you decide that you won’t pursue them anymore.

If you always wanted to become rich and if you were still trying then you are less likely to get depressed. If on the other hand you decided one day that you would stop trying then you will certainly get depressed.

This will happen because you prevented yourself from fulfilling one of your important unmet needs (provided that getting rich is really important to you).

The acceptance trap

Acceptance is an amazing thing. Sometimes the only way to get over emotional pain is to except what happened to you. For example if you lost a close person then you will never heal unless you accept that the loss happened and that it can’t be reversed.

Now many people get acceptance wrong and decide to settle for things that they didn’t want just because they failed to get the things that they wanted to get!

If the man in the previous example —who wanted to get rich— decided to accept the fact that he is poor by deciding not to do anything about it, then his subconscious mind will let him feel really bad because it will easily spot this kind of self deception he used.

There is a great difference between accepting things that can never be changed and declaring defeat by believing that you are stuck where you are.

If you want something badly then you must fight for it.

Your subconscious mind knows best. If you want something badly then rest assured that unless you get that thing you won’t experience real happiness.

If your beliefs changed in such a way that this important thing became less important to you then it’s ok not to try to get it, but if your belief system remained intact and if you only tried to deceive yourself by claiming that what you wanted was never that important then certainly you will end up depressed.

Happy people are the ones who fight for the things they believe in and the happiest ones on earth are the ones who achieve what they have been fighting for.

Settle for less than what you wanted in life and you are destined to feel dissatisfied with your life.


Farouk brings up an important thing: fighting for what you want. To often people give up just when the fight begins.

So I ask you:

What is it you want in life and are you willing to fight for it? I mean reaaaallly fight for it. I’m talking about doing whatever it takes to get things done.

About the guest

Farouk e1325619103315 Why you should never settle for less than what you want
Farouk Radwan is the founder and the author of all articles found on the site 2knowmyself has hundreds of personal development, self help and psychology articles written with one purpose which is to make the reader live a happier life. Farouk is a full time blogger who makes his living online through his blogs.


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Deone Higgs 54 pts

Good day Jeremy and Farouk!

Speaking from experience, I have dealt with depression myself and seen it in other's first hand. Shortly after my mother passed away in 2010, I thought my world was literally going to crumble. It seemed at that time like nothing was working out the way I wanted them too. For the most part, they weren't working out. The reason why was very simple. What I found myself focusing on the most, increased exponentially throughout my life. I was constantly thinking about my mother being gone, being unemployed, not having money, so on and so on. There simply wasn't any room for anything else. And so, since I didn't think of anything that was able of taking my mind off of the "What I didn't have", I was constantly attracting those negative feelings into my life. It wasn't until I accepted the place I was in life, and begin to change my perception of what I placed my thoughts upon, that things begin to turn around for me. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life, but I did it without the use of any type of medical treatment.

It does get better, and life does continue to go on. We have to constantly feed our thoughts good things in order for that to ever happen for us though. That's the main thing. When we see the good... good begins to show up in our lives. Great post, Farouk! Love this entry. :)

Jeremy Brown 13 pts

Deeone Higgs Hey Dee,

What you said about negative feelings made me think of an Inc. Magazine post shared on G+.

It's the 3rd video. The power of self talk in action!

You have to indeed feed your mind great thoughts, all the time. It's easy to slip up and allow the negative to seep in. It's a constant battle, but the more and more you do it -just like anything else- the easier it gets.

People like MindAdventure , Will Smith, Oprah, Randy Gage, and Tony Robbins (who I know you love!) have mastered the art of controlling one's thoughts and inviting the positive rather than the negative.

That's the destination.

Appreciate you dropping by Dee!

2knowmyself 8 pts

Jeremy BrownDeeone HiggsMindAdventure excellent addition to the post Jeremy

thank you very much :)

2knowmyself 8 pts

Deeone Higgs

thank you for your comment Deone and for sharing your experience with us

many thanks :)

MELISASource 5 pts

Greeting Jeremy and Welcome Farouk!!

Absolutely wonderful post! --You said it all in the statement: "If you want something badly then you must fight for it." --So very true!!

I've been fighting all of life, and don't plan to stop now! :)

Thanks so much for sharing!

Jeremy Brown 13 pts

MELISASource Hey there Makeba,

Glad you enjoyed Farouk's post. I definitely have to agree with you, the statement is sooo true.

When you fight for what you want, you eventually will get it; I'm convinced of that. Those who have a strong mindset (like yourself) and have the willingness to fight are the one's who get to their destination.

Keep fighting and soon you the world of opportunity will present itself!

I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your thoughts,

2knowmyself 8 pts


happy to see you here Melisa

thanks for your comment :)

MindAdventure 53 pts

Hi Jeremy and Farouk. I love your take on acceptance here. In my life I've denied the lie of the Counterfeit Self and refuse to accept anything less than my full creative expression as and author and teacher. We must arrive at a place of acceptance in consciousness that allows the Authentic Self, with its rich qualities, to blossom fully through our personality. When you create wonderful obsessions, you feel incredibly compelled to set goals that make your life more interesting, more meaningful. You’re willing to take more risks. With greater risks come greater insights. Greater insights help you find better solutions to problems that stand between you and your goals.

Jeremy Brown 13 pts

MindAdventure Glad you stopped by Rob! It means a lot to have the mind adventure sharing thoughts here.

I love what you said about taking risks. I'm sure people are shaking just seeing the word RISK. I completely agree with you, with greater risks come greater insights. It's true, when you take a big risk sure you can fail, but you can also succeed.

The best part about it is whether you succeed or fail, you learn. When you learn, you grow. When you grow, you're one step closer to achieving things you never thought possible.

Thanks again for stopping by Rob, it means a lot to me.

2knowmyself 8 pts

thank you Rob , always good to see you around

your addition enriched the post :)

2knowmyself 8 pts

thank you so much jeremy for hosting my post, its an honor for me

many thanks :))

Jeremy Brown 13 pts

2knowmyself My pleasure Farouk. Glad you chose to share your thoughts! You brought up a lot of great points, especially "if you want something you have to fight for it." That's a phrase everyone should live by because it's true.

That's the only way a person is going to get where they want to fighting for it.

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