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The power of a mentor

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Social media makes it easier than ever to reach out to potential mentors. If you’re not taking advantage of this opportunity to connect, you’re missing out.

I believe if you want to get from point A to point B in your career, it’s very important to connect with a great mentor. Preferably multiple mentors, but at the very least have one.

Mentors are good for many reasons including:

  • advice
  • networking
  • insights

just to name a few.


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Thanks Jeremy,

I can endorse this as well. My mentor helped me as a reference for my current job. He opened the door for me to get into Marketing as a career. Without him I would probably still be making cold calls in a horrible sales job.


Hey there Bryce,

Glad your mentor worked out great for you. That's another great benefit of having a mentor. They get your foot in the door when most people wouldn't have the opportunity.

Plus they get you out of cold calling sales jobs!

Thanks for stopping by Bryce.

Nice video Jeremy.

For years--like 29 of my 30, I've kept away from mentors. I've always had folks who provided great advice that I would listen too, but I never considered a person as my mentor, nor did I ever want one. Honestly speaking, it was a matter of "lack of trust and ego" mixed in one.

But as you my have sensed from my 3-part series, I now have a mentor. Since having Rob as a mentor; my life has changed big time.

Great stuff!

What's up JK,

I can definitely relate to what you're saying. I was the type of person that wanted to do things on my own, but it wasn't until I really opened up to the people who were giving me advice that my life became so much better.

Sometimes it takes longer for people to realize the power of mentors and for some people it's a shorter process. Either way, as long as you realize the benefits and take advantage you're winning.

You have a great mentor by the way. I may have to talk to Rob too!

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