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Sunshine Always Follows Darkness

when it rains it pours1 Sunshine Always Follows Darkness


You can’t seem to do anything right. Everything you do seems to go wrong. No matter how hard you try it seems like it’s a constant downpour ruining everything.

Sound familiar?

We all go through stages where no matter what we do, things just don’t go right. we pull out all the stops, but the sprinkle just turns into a downpour and washes away progress.

The secret is to realize that it can’t rain all the time.

Sooner or later that sunshine is going to peak through.

As long as you play it smart and stick with it, there will come a time where there won’t be a cloud in the sky. The only thing left will be sunshine.


I’m curious to know, what or who do you turn to during those dark times that seem impenetrable by light?

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