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A Few Must-Haves for eCommerce Websites

New eCommerce websites are popping up every day. It seems that many of them are doing much better compared to classic brick and mortar stores. Thanks to the user-friendly interfaces of these websites, the possibility to conduct online payments in a safe way and the use of smartphones for online shopping, eCommerce has reached record high levels of popularity. From furniture and sports stores to fashion and pet stores, online stores are covering almost every niche.

If you are interested in creating an eCommerce website, you should know that this activity can be easy or complex. It all depends on the steps you take in this process. Those who want to stay on the safe side and create a successful online store should learn more about the basic characteristics of popular eCommerce websites.

Great navigation

If the eCommerce website you have is too complicated, you will lose many conversions. Pop-windows, multiple clicks to get to another page, and placing products in inadequate categories are some of the things that can ruin your website. The website you have must have easy and functional navigation and it must be suitable for different categories of users. You don’t have to invent something new – just follow the example of other well-established sites in your niche.

Web design

If it takes more than five seconds to load your website, you will lose many visitors. What’s worse is that these lost visitors will go to your competitor’s site and purchase items there. Modern people value time even more which means that you have to use web design that makes your website efficient. Don’t use flashy elements, large images, and cheap web hosting because all these things can ruin your website’s speed.

Search box

Every eCommerce website must have a good search box. The results that users will get must be as close as possible to the things they are looking for. Invest more time and money into the search box especially if you have dozens of products/services in your offer.

Good textual content and images

Finally, eCommerce websites should invest in good textual content and images. When we say textual content we mean blog posts, articles and product descriptions that are unique and engaging. In terms of images, you should use bright, clear, high definition images of your products. Obviously, you should optimize the textual and visual content and make them more search engine-friendly.

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